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Way to engage with App Users

2018-07-24 10:25:00


Nowadays, very expensive to acquire users than keep the users. If you increase a customer retention will increase the app users. So, retention is the most important things to keep your app users. A start-up spends all their efforts to get a new customers acquisition while they are running staging development. A result, they lose the customer very faster than getting new customer. The start-up team should be engaged efficiently with registered use and new customer correspondingly. This will help the apps with user’s engagement. Otherwise, the apps will be abandon by the registered user.

The use case app will allow you to share your use case with your team members. In order to do that, you must add board members, and need to share with your team members with board setting of "members" mode to protect the use case to open within your board members only.

Way to engage with App Users

A Ways to retention an apps user,

We should find a way to keep your user happy and can be calculated by ease of use, approaching time of loading, handling the existing undeveloped items, getting user feedback or tracking crash report getting resolved. Most important speed up the features with fast apps experience.
App user should be engaged with fast deliverance and quick notification will make the difference between engaged and abandoned. Most of the time user will be abandoned by loading time. If you reduce these types of errors will increase customer satisfaction. Sometimes, we can’t avoid this, but we can manage if you display a difference level of progressing messages.

Email campaign will help to user engagement with your apps. You can get in touch with app users by email notification, news & offers. It will drive users to come back to your apps. Keep in mind, do not users disturbed by receiving email from your apps. It will make them force to unsubscribe with your apps. So, you must engage with users by email notification setting to ask them how email notification can be received.

App Interaction,

Your apps should be interacted with users many ways. While they are logging to your apps, showing useful tips or new features, where they left, new messages and unsaved information like that your apps should be performed. Let’s think this way, your users come back again and again for first 30 days to your app. Then, how you going to interact the users the first 30 days. You must schedule a 30 days engagement with your users.
Day 1, welcoming users and providing demo use case about your apps. Day 2, You should notify by send email or tell them when they login, what are the frequent action can be done by user’s in a quick way. This will make the purpose to user login or come back again to your apps. Day 3, You must make the engagement with users to users like team member joining or unconfirmed email by team member, team member request like so. This is most important way, if you have member engagement. If you do first 30 days interacting with your app users. It will take actionable improvement to your apps.

Pricing & Offers,

This section you must trace the users. Because some users leave the app by unfit price column. So, you need to get their information and if they are gone. Then you must send some periodical offer with time limit or providing coupon code to their email will make them get sign up. Sometimes, email can’t be solving everything. You must call or reach and let them know about your apps and offers directly.

More or less, you must get user attention by your app features to keep the customers.

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