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Use Case Story, Can Now Reorder To Re;Imaginate

2018-07-31 10:50:05


The use case app newly developed the feature of use case story reorders. It will help the user to reorder use case app story.


The use case app developed reorder functionality such as move inside Reorder Inside, outside Reorder Inside, & move upward Reorder Inside to understand better and determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative use case. This will be applied to any level of use case story to reorder. Also, you can move the group of use case story. This process can help you to prioritize your use case story. In addition, when you reorder the use case story the auto-numbering like (Reordered One,Reordered 1.1,Reordered 1.2) will be serialized. You no need to worry about the use case story number.

Hope, we enabled the good feature with use case app.
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Use Case Story, Can Now Reorder To Re;Imaginate
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