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Another, Use Case Story

2018-07-24 20:14:00


A use case is planning to achieve a specific goal to the user, system, or combined.
The use case used by Business Analyst, Project Manager or Project Lead, Team Lead and as well as The Employee. Each person will see the use case in different aspects.

Let see Business Analyst,

Most of the use case creation starts from BA. Because They are the first person who holds the requirements of clients needs. They keep the requirements in a word, excels or somewhere else. And, they will share and care further to go. Also, the use case can be changed or added new use case in later point. Things will go this way until all the requirement gathered and confirmed by the clients. It should be managed very well. They will transmit the file whenever the change or got updated. Maybe they have to explain as well as to the team. It should big problem while you are having an on-time project. The must carefully handle the use case by manually everything.
Here they need to use case management tool like

Another, Use Case Story made everything simple and clean. Think if they changed some use case. Instantly, they can share the specific use case with everyone or specific person get notified. This is very simple and time effective. Also, They can give the long explanation in the comment section which doesn’t affect the client use case. Now, They can manage and collaborate with clients and as well as their team.
The same process going to apply to all another person. Everyone can do their work on time without struggling. Therefore, we are here to help you with your project go well.

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