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Before raising why? Try to consider without web app like UC .

While you in projects asking requirements to everyone will increase your timeline.

Will mind say, I can handle

No offense, you can’t remember everything at every time to remember when you having a minimal time period.

If you miss something,

your project will disaster and then your project get unfulfilled also increase your timeline.


you are explaining projects to your team and they can’t remember which you explained everything.

In case,

They hesitate to ask again, or they must note it the exact use case. This also create alerts cause to your projects.

Just think,

some use case can be changed while you are discussing with others.

Crush your brain

This information can’t be remembered within time together.

Here, we help you to avoid all those things. Just run your project very simply with UC!

Become An UC

Why UC?

UC the first web app letting you create and manage a use case through online.

Boards & Story

We have boards and story to write use case. This will help you to categories.


We have an option to upload use case design to attach


Unlimited members can be added and use to every project.


Each use case can be discussed with specific shared team members.


No need to share everything with everyone. We allow you to deep level sharing to keep your use case secured.


Simple, easy to use and it's responsive to Desktop and tablet, mobile.


It’s currently free for everyone. Unlimited projects and members. There is no restriction while you free or later.

Dont' have confidence? Become An UC

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